Meew invest

From idea to exit. We invest in passionate teams with great ideas. Are you ready to disrupt?

Invest by meew

From idea to exit. We invest in passionate teams with great ideas. Are you ready to disrupt?

what you need to know


Who we are

We are not just an investment house. We are a tech-founded innovation hub committed to helping more founders to success as we have already done for our own brands.

We truly believe that a great idea can change the world for the better.


who we invest in

We invest in passionate people and great ideas.

The relationship and chemistry between us is the be-all and end-all for a successful collaboration.

And then we look at 7 key parameters…


What we bring

Get access to our extensive expertise, skills and hands-on execution power within software development, design, communications, marketing, and building successful businesses.

We will help you pave the way for success.


How we invest

When we fall in love with an idea we act fast, because let’s be honest; everyone’s time is better spend on executing your vision than on overly long due diligence processes.

Therefore, we have a simple and fast investment process

why you should choose us

Laura, Trine and Mikkel at a meeting


We are a dynamic team of developers, designers, marketing folks, communication experts, business builders and people connectors who believe that the distance between thought and action is short.

When we invest, we do so whole-heartedly and we bring our full palette of skills and execution power to the table.

In other words, we become your one-stop-shop and right hand executor providing you with everything you need to build a winning business. And we will make sure that we get further, faster – together.

Let’s fuel the jet!


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